1. How can I access the theory?
To access theory, you must purchase a Gold package that will allow you to view the entire thesis needed to take a Romanian language grammar exam.

2. Where do I find English questions?
When you select the domain, scroll to the last bottom called EN - English grids, which contains only English grids.

3. How can I test the platform for free?
To test the platform for free, we offer you 20 questions grouped in 4 tests that you can find at RO - Phonetics - Test 000, RO - Vocabulary - Test 000, RO - Morphology - Combined - Test 000, RO - Syntax - Combined - Test 000.

4. What is the rule of forming a password?
The password must be at least eight-character length.

5. What do I do if I forget my password?
In this case, you have to click on the text "Forgot your password?" from the login page. Please enter the email address you have registered, and you will receive a new password.

6. Where can I change my password?
The password can be changed from the "Change Password" on the left menu. You will need to enter the old password and then the new password twice.

7. How can I buy a package?
A package can be purchased using one out of the three payment methods: by card, on SMS (option under development), or by bank transfer(it is mandatory to request the invoice).

8. What are combined tests?
There are two types of combined tests: the combined tests consisting of the specific questions from Morphology and Syntax domains and the combined tests which contain questions from all the Romanian language grammar.

9. How do I use a voucher?
The voucher received by email must be inserted in the "Do you have a voucher? Apply it here for discount" field from the "Step 1: Check order" window. You find the voucher in the received email or the "Vouchers" menu.

10. How secure is the card payment?
A 3DSecure system processes card transactions-a very secure system, meaning that you will receive an SMS on your mobile containing a 3D Secure password that you will have to enter on the platform. Only after entering this password will the payment be processed.

11. I get an error when I try to make the payment. I'm afraid I paid twice. What do I do?
Any payment is completed if it is displayed that it is confirmed. If you did not receive a confirmation message, your card was not charged. If you cannot pay by card, please call +40771291575 or send an email to contact@grilegramaticaonline.ro, and we will guide you in making the payment.

12. How can I change my username?
To change the user's name, send a request to the email address contact@grilegramaticaonline.ro. You can update all the other data from the Edit profile menu.

13. Where can I find the invoice for payment by card or to make the bank transfer?
The invoice is sent to your email address automatically. Please check the INBOX and SPAM sections. You can also find the invoice in the "Your orders" left menu, where you can download and print.

14. Are there wrong questions on this site?
As in any human-created system, errors can creep in. We immediately correct mistakes when they occur, but don't forget, you can report an incorrect question by email to administrators at contact@grilegramaticaonline.ro.

15. How do I use the site for maximum efficiency?
 It is ideal to complete the theory before starting test solving. The questions have a medium and above-average difficulty level. In addition, you need to understand very well how the platform works (see the "How do I use?" Page).

16. Where can I see test statistics, answers, and history?
With a click on the Results button, you have access to everything you solved on the platform.

17. Why would I use the Grilegramaticaonline.ro website?
Our platform gives you the chance to maximize your results as soon as possible. It is like a personal assistant who helps you learn theory and solve questions, both for high school training/national assessment and exams at the Police Academy, Law Faculties, or Police Officers/Gendarmes/Penitentiaries/Border Schools. It is an online platform that supports you in achieving your goal(learning Romanian grammar/passing the desired exam).